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The Joplin Stamp Club Welcomes You

Serving Area Collectors Since 1933

This is The Joplin Stamp Club

In 1933 a small group of stamp collectors gathered at the Joplin, Missouri YMCA to form The Joplin Stamp Club.  The Club quickly grew into the dominant stamp club in the four-state area.  World War II put the club on hiatus but it quickly rebounded in the post war years.  By 1951 the Club was hosting the first of its annual Shows and Bourses.  The 1952 show was the site of the First Day of Issue for the $1 Patrick Henry stamp of the popular "Liberty Series." 
By the late 1950s the Club began experiencing a slow decline which continued into the early 1980s.  In 1983 with the 50th anniversary of the Club approaching, new leadership jump-started the Club.  Membership increased, regular meetings were resumed, and plans were made for resuming regular shows for the first time since 1956.  From that time to the present the Club has grown and stabilized.   The club publishes a monthly newsletter, meets twice a month and sponsors the Annual Joplin Stamp Club Show and Bourse.  Shows have been held without interruption on the first weekend in October since 1983.
In a time of general decline in stamp collecting the Joplin Stamp Club has persevered and is today once more the dominant stamp club within a 100 mile radius.  As of January 1, 2024 the Club had 35 members.


Contact the Club

If you have questions about collecting, want to join the club or have stamps you would like to know more about contact the Club.

Want to join? Dues are $20 per year.  Send name, address, phone number and email address and payment made to JSC to Joplin Stamp Club, 3125 Grand Avenue, Joplin MO 64804-2720




Meetings and Events

The Joplin Stamp Club meets the first and third Thursdays of each month (except the first Thursday of July and the third Thursday of December) at 7:00 p.m. at Granny Shaffer's Restaurant, 2728 North Rangeline in Joplin.

The Annual Joplin Stamp Club Show and Bourse is held the first Saturday in October at the Granny Shaffer's Banquet Center behind the restaurant.

Members are available to evaluate your stamps, post cards, and related items.  Simply contact us.



Get the Latest




   With the arrival of Spring on March 19 the first quarter of 2024 is here.  We began the year with 35 members.

   The newest club lot was presented in January and resulted in $95.75 in sales (including the auction of the remainder.)  The Club has purchased a very interesting mix for use a another club lot which will debut May 16.  This lot will be heavy on worldwide stamps.  Some great stamps at great prices will be available.

  April 4 will feature the raffle of a sheet of new US stamps.  Chances will be 2 for $1. On May 2 the annual Club Bourse will be held.  Every member  can set themselves up as a dealer for the night. This will be followed up with the introduction of the newest club lot on May 1t.  The remainder of the lot goes up for auction at our June 20 meeting.

   For non-members visiting our site, please feel welcome to come the any of our meetings. If you wish to bring items for us to look at, do so.  You will get an honest evaluation of what you have.  Meetings for the remainder of the first half of the year are the first and third Thursdays of April, May and June at 7:00 p.m. at Granny Shaffer's Restaurant, 2728 N. Rangeline in Joplin.  Our contact information is listed on this site.  Please consider becoming part of the great hobby of stamp collecting!

Here is our dealers lineup for the  2023 show

  • Marlin Willoughby, Carthage  Worldwide and U.S. stamps, postcards, covers, paper ephemera

  • Kevin Linehan, Neosho Worldwide stamps and covers

  • Bill Burdick, Mountain Home AR  U.S. and worldwide stamps and covers, supplies

  • John Marquardt (Queen Anne Stamps) , Columbia MO  U.S. and worldwide stamps, covers

  • Bernie Bernstein (Main Street Philatelics), Branson  Worldwide and U.S. stamps and covers, some supplies

  • Bill DiSalvatore, Cherokee Village AR Covers and paper ephemera

  • Damian Johnson, Kansas City MO  U.S. and worldwide stamps and covers



Information You Need

I just inherited or found some stamps and letters or post cards. What do I do?

First, secure the items in a safe, dry place. If they are in albums, keep them there.  If they are in cardboard boxes, try to get them into archival safe storage tubs or boxes.  See if you have U.S. stamps, foreign stamps or both. Do you have post cards? Do you have covers (letters with stamps on them)?  Do you have any unused U.S. stamps?

I have secured and looked through the collection and can answer the basic questions. Now what?

Now you can contact a reliable expert to look at what you have and give you some guidance on any possible value.  The Joplin Stamp Club is a good place to start.  Avoid flea markets, garage sales and estate sales until you have been given an honest evaluation of your collection.

What can I expect?

As with any collectible, CONDITION is everything.  Stamps that are tattered, taped down, or water damaged are going to be virtually worthless.  In stamps, what is considered old may surprise you.  Basically, stamps from the 1930s and 40s to present are mostly common with little value. THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS.  If you have unused (mint) U.S. stamps they can still be used for postage.  A dealer will generally offer you about 30% of the face value of mint stamps.  If the rest of your collection is mostly commons and not in good condition you will be offered very little, if anything.  In this case, you can offer them to a family member who might want to collect or donate them to a group (nursing home, veterans group, school).  If you have some items of value you will be advised of your options.

What are the best organization methods?

If you decide to keep your collection here are some important do's and dont's:

First and foremost find a dry, room temperature area to store your items.

Second, use archival materials to store your items.  These include page protectors, mounts, album pages, and storage boxes. Remember, paper is subject to deterioration over time.

Third, choose how to present your items. With stamps they can be kept in a stamp album, on stock pages, or in glassine envelopes.  If you choose an album you can mount the stamps with mounts or hinges.  If you choose stock pages, archival plastic (such as Vario) are preferable to manila cardboard stock pages. Use archival glassines if that is you choice.

DO NOT: store stamps in envelopes, cigar boxes, paper bags or non-archival plastic. DO NOT: tape or glue stamps down, use mounts, hinges or stock pages.  DO NOT: store in a humid, dusty or overly hot area (attic, basement, garage). Watch out for silverfish and mice; they love paper.


Dealers  You Can  Trust

World Cup Collection

Marlin Willoughby
Carthage MO

French Collection

Kevin Linehan
Neosho MO

Chinese Collection

Bernie Bernstein
Branson MO 

French Collection

Bill Burdick
Mountain Home AR

Chinese Collection

Bill DiSalvatore
Cherokee Village AR

World Cup Collection

John Marquardt
Columbia MO

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